Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stand Up For Katalina

Has someone you know been affected by Cancer? Chances are, your answer is "Yes." I know in my family it is resounding. My father had cancer a few years ago, at the same age his sister was when she got cancer and lost, he is now in remission, but the painful reminders linger. My niece lost her father at the young age of 3 after a year long battle. 

The website has been launched regarding Stand Up 4 Katalina ... PLEASE, take a few minutes to read her story and consider giving anything you can... it will g
o a long way towards helping.

Many writers are generously donating special requests for Katalina, because we want to give her something special for all the support she has shown. 

Katalina's wish from me is a Me and Mr Cullen Outtake of Edward before he met Bella. Please donate so you don't miss out on this and help support a worthy cause!!

Banner brought to you by the talented Soapy Mayhem

Monday, September 24, 2012

Into the Deep

New Olderward I'm working on...

Into the Deep
After an accident took Bella’s parents, she was forced to live with her new guardian, family friend Edward Cullen. She’s been drifting through life for the last year in a daze. Will Edward be able to get through to her and wake her from her living nightmare? Will her looming eighteenth birthday separate them, or bring them closer together?

Monday, September 10, 2012


This is another wonderful banner by Mina for my colab with Nyddi for the Taste of the Forbidden contest. It received honorable mention in the public vote. Now posted under the colab name of Catastrophic Malfunction!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Wonderful banner by Mina!! <3

Taste of the Forbidden results

Well, I had a total of 3 entries - 2 of my own, and a colab with Nyddi. There was a lot of competition, so I am really happy with how I did!

Illicit Unintended has been posted on ff and TWCS under the new title of Shame (I was never happy with the title).

My other entry, Temptation Divine, has been posted on ff and this story will be expanded into a short story with probably 3-4 more chapters.

Need will be posted soon under the colab name of Catastrophic Malfunction in a few days (there is a waiting period for new accounts).