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Teaser Conventioneers Ch 4

“Wake up, Bella,” Alice called from across the room.

“Why?” I questioned, sighing as I scrolled down the hall layout for the coming weekend convention.

“Because, the sci-fi convention is this weekend and we have a shitton to do and you need to stop thinking about a certain conventioneer. It’s been two months!”

“He just left me with a toy, a kiss, and a promise to see me next year. If he was interested he would have asked for a way to contact me, wouldn’t he?” I questioned and looked to find Alice staring at me. Yeah, I know I’d been talking about him, a lot, but I just couldn’t get over him.

“Oh, my God, I am getting you laid. I don’t know how. Jazz has a couple of friends, maybe…”

“No, Alice, I’ve tried. If it isn’t Mase, I don’t want him.”

“Have you tried contacting him?”

“How am I supposed to do that? I don’t even know his full name!”

Alice rolled her eyes and sighed before leaning on my desk. “Bella, the man runs a sex toy company that does most of his business off the web. You can start with Facebook, then look at the file to get a company number if that doesn’t work, or just do a search! The internet is your friend.”

With that she left and headed to look at how the set up was going in the main hall and I was left with the seeds she planted. I stared at the computer before biting the bullet and opening up my work Facebook. Thankfully we did a lot of marketing on there, and we had profiles connected to the convention center. It was a great networking tool, and helped to get information about upcoming conventions around.

At the top I plopped in M and M Toys, the cursor wavering over the search button before clicking. It wasn’t really stalking, right? I took a deep breath and in a blink of an eye there he was staring back at me, Em standing next to him.

“M and M Toys, makers of fine silicone adult toys and accessories since 2007.”

Fuck. My memory did no justice of how hot Mase was. The picture was a few years old. His interesting bronze hair was pulled up into a short Mohawk, and he was missing his sleeve tattoo. He also was sporting a lip ring at the time. He was smirking, and even on a computer screen it made me squirm.

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Stand Up For Katalina

Has someone you know been affected by Cancer? Chances are, your answer is "Yes." I know in my family it is resounding. My father had cancer a few years ago, at the same age his sister was when she got cancer and lost, he is now in remission, but the painful reminders linger. My niece lost her father at the young age of 3 after a year long battle. 

The website has been launched regarding Stand Up 4 Katalina ... PLEASE, take a few minutes to read her story and consider giving anything you can... it will g
o a long way towards helping.


Many writers are generously donating special requests for Katalina, because we want to give her something special for all the support she has shown. 

Katalina's wish from me is a Me and Mr Cullen Outtake of Edward before he met Bella. Please donate so you don't miss out on this and help support a worthy cause!!

Banner brought to you by the talented Soapy Mayhem

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Into the Deep

New Olderward I'm working on...

Into the Deep
After an accident took Bella’s parents, she was forced to live with her new guardian, family friend Edward Cullen. She’s been drifting through life for the last year in a daze. Will Edward be able to get through to her and wake her from her living nightmare? Will her looming eighteenth birthday separate them, or bring them closer together?

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This is another wonderful banner by Mina for my colab with Nyddi for the Taste of the Forbidden contest. It received honorable mention in the public vote. Now posted under the colab name of Catastrophic Malfunction!!

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Wonderful banner by Mina!! <3

Taste of the Forbidden results

Well, I had a total of 3 entries - 2 of my own, and a colab with Nyddi. There was a lot of competition, so I am really happy with how I did!

Illicit Unintended has been posted on ff and TWCS under the new title of Shame (I was never happy with the title).

My other entry, Temptation Divine, has been posted on ff and this story will be expanded into a short story with probably 3-4 more chapters.

Need will be posted soon under the colab name of Catastrophic Malfunction in a few days (there is a waiting period for new accounts).

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Conventioneers: Teaser ch 4

Next on my list was to check with the front to make sure they were set up for the doors to open. When I turned I slammed into a solid surface, the lid to my coffee popping off and spilling down my shirt.

“Hot!” I cried, my skin burning. I pulled the fabric away from my chest, by clipboard falling to the ground. Great, and I was wearing white today.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry!” Mase said, bending down to pick up my things. He stood back up and took the coffee cup from me, replacing the lid. “Pet, are you okay?”

My eyes opened to find a pretty upset Mase holding my things while I was bent over, trying to keep the hot liquid that covered my skirt and shirt away from me. His tongue peeked out to lick his full lips, and I followed his gaze, realizing a little too late I was flashing him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to…cause that,” he said as he looked away.

“That’s okay. I’ll just…see if I have anything else to wear,” I said with sigh. “Come with me?”

We headed to my office where Alice was getting ready to head out and open the doors.

“Oh, my God, what happened?” she questioned.

“Run in with a painted wall,” I quipped and Mase laughed.

“Yo, M and M boy, you couldn’t even get it in before dousing her with your hose?”

“Alice!” I gasped in shock as I ransacked my drawers looking for anything I could change into.

“As a matter of fact, as soon as she bumped into me in the hall I couldn’t contain myself and just let go. I didn’t even get to touch her panties, but she did give a good show of her tits.”

“She does have nice tits,” Alice agreed and I rolled my eyes.

“Very nice,” he agreed before continuing on. “So supple and suckable.”

“Can we focus on me?” I tried to re-direct the conversation. Alice rolled her eyes at me, throwing a bag at me.

“I could get you an M and M toys shirt for you,” he said with a smirk

“Marking your territory already?” Alice questioned as I blushed in her meaning.

“That’s not why I…I mean, while it would be great to mark you, I mean with a t-shirt! Not mark you, mark you. Not yet at least,” he stammered. “Fuck! I’m shutting the hell up now.”

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Me and Mr Cullen Ch 19 Teaser

“Hello, Isabella, my name is Dr. Kate Denali,” the woman said as she entered, holding her hand out.

“Hello,” I replied, shaking her hand.

“So, what brings you in today?”

“Well, I just moved here and I need to have an annual and I wanted to talk about birth control.”

“Well, welcome to L.A. and we can do all of that today. I’ll just need to get a little information from you, then we can do the exam, and have a little talk. Sound good?” she inquired and I nodded. “When was your last period?”

“Thirteen days ago,” I answered.

“And is there any chance you could be pregnant?”


“Have you and your boyfriend been using any protection?”

“No, my… husband and I have not,” I replied carefully.

“Husband?” she questioned in surprise, her eyes glancing back down at the chart in her hand and widened when she saw Edward’s name as the emergency contact and his relation. “Oh… wow… I’m sorry, I didn’t realize.”

I shook my head. “It’s not publicly known yet.”

“I’m sure Esme told you were are very strict with our patients information, you have nothing to worry about.”

I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding. “Thank you.”

“Alright, so we’ll need to do a test to make certain you aren’t pregnant before we begin. Okay?”


It was forty five minutes later when I was putting my clothes back on after the examination and I was lost in my thoughts. The pregnancy test came back...

Yes, I'm evil. :D

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Me and Mr. Cullen: Teaser ch 18

“So, you’re all mine today?”

He grinned. “All yours.”

I stood from my chair and walked the few steps to him. “No meetings? Phone calls?” I inquired, my hands on his shoulders as my legs straddled his.

He shook his head. “Just you and me,” he said, pulling me down onto his lap, his lips attacking my neck.

“Whatever shall we do?” I questioned, my mind already beginning to cloud.

“Anything. Everything,” he whispered before his lips hungrily found mind.

I was moaning against his mouth, my lips never leaving his as I repositioned my body so that I was straddling him. His hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me down on his growing erection while he thrust his hips up.

In my lust clouded mind I thought I heard a throat clearing, but I didn’t care enough to remove myself from him.

“Hello!” a female voice yelled, breaking through. We both pulled back and turned to find a woman with curly brown hair and expensive looking clothes on standing in the doorway. She was sporting a bitch brow, her arms crossed over her chest, and her four inch heel tapping on the hardwoods.

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I have an announcement  on a very controversial subject.

I will be pulling Breach to publish it.

Here are some things you need to know:

You have until the end of the month to copy, make pdf’s whatever. Share it, spread it, I have no problem at all with that.

I am self publishing, which means the cost is all on me. I have not sent it in to any publishers.
This is for me. It’s on my bucket list to publish a book. Did I think Breach was going to be the one? No. But a possibility for me to do it presented itself. I think Breach has an excellent story that should be shared. Breach will always be my crowning jewel, at least to me.

Will the published version be the same as the fic? Mostly. The ending will be a bit different, and anything Twilight related will be taken out or changed. There isn’t much Twilight related to begin with. I will be reworking it into a better version. Often times I was rushed to get a chapter out and it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be.

What about the sequel? That is the very hard decision I had to make, the one that gave me pause. I want to give you all the sequel, but I can’t if I publish, and that makes me very sad. I will publish the sequel though, once Breach has been published.

Are you changing the title? No. I know a lot of people try to disassociate their published piece from their fic piece, but the title is part of the story. How can I change it?

Are you pulling your fics and will you stop writing fanfic? NO. Let me say that again for emphasis. NO! I love fanfic. I love writing fanfic. This is about Breach and Breach alone. None of my other fics will be pulled and published, and WIP’s will continue. I’m sure I will also continue to be assaulted by plot bunnies. :D

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Me and Mr. Cullen: Teaser chapter 17

“Tell her you’re sorry,” Edward chastised the hulk of a man in front of me.

“I’m sorry,” he said sincerely with a bit of a pout.

“It’s alright, just don’t do that to people you don’t know.”

He looked down to the floor, thoroughly chastised.

“Emmett McCartey,” he said, holding out his hand.

Tentitively, I placed my hand in his. “Bella Cullen.”

“Damn, Edward, I didn’t know you had such a fine little sister,” he said ginning down at me and winking.

I could hear Jasper snicker and Edward looked like he was about to explode.

“Cullen is my married name,” I pointed out.

“Married? Wait, when did Carlisle leave Esme? I’ll kick his ass!”

Jasper was now gasping for breath, his laughter filling the room.

“Not Carlisle. She’s my wife,” Edward growled, his jaw tense.

“Shut up. Is it April fools day? Fucker you did not get married. Stop fucking with me.”

Jasper was now on his knees, gripping the counter ledge. 

“Damn, man, you practically lived in my house when we were kids. How the hell did you come up with sister?” Edward questioned exasperated.

“Well, if she was related to you that would mean I might have a shot,” he explained with a grin.

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Me and Mr. Cullen: Teaser Chapter 15

His hand came down again, this time slapping hard against my aching pussy, the tip of his middle finger tapping my clit. The sharp sting on my nub making me gasp and I moaned out, my body arching.

“You like that, baby girl?” he inquired devilishly. I looked back at him, shaking my ass, asking for him to do it again. His finger slid down the crack of my ass, dipping slightly into my slit, but stopping just short of my clit. “I asked you a question, you will answer me.”

He had me panting with that one sentence. So much domination in his tone, and I was loving this game.

“Yes,” I hissed and was rewarded with another slap to my pussy, another tap to my clit.

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AO3, which stands for Archive of our own. I received my invitaion from a reader today and am trying to get in, but the site is a little over loaded at the moment. There is a long waiting list, but if you can find someone who is a member they can get an invite. Try on twitter, or there are a lot of people on Facebook. You can still read and anon review without being a member until you receive your token.

I'm excited about this site, becuase I keep reading really good things about it.


Me and Mr. Cullen

Well, ff.net hasn't ripped it down yet, though they have ripped down a friend of mines that has no explicit content. SMH. This whole thing is a dissaster!

Anyway, to update, the Me and Mr. Cullen blog is now up and rolling. I only have a few chapters uploaded, but I have added a bunch of pics:  meandmrcullen.blogspot.com

I am also waiting for my invite from AO3 to come through. A lovely person sent me one, but it hasn't come through. Honestly, from the sound of it, this AO3 is going to be the best place for everyone to eventually go. From what I've heard it is a really great site. It has a few problems as it is still in beta, and invites are a little hard to come by at the moment.

TWCS, on the other hand, is a bit difficult and I've had multiple people give negatives of the site.  Including no mobile edition and does not work with IE (a problem I have).

I'm going to post on both, and after a while take a vote to either keep just one or both. These two sites seem to be the best options at this point. Other sites such as Twilighted take way too long to load a chapter due to the validation process. Adultfanfiction.net has a terrible search process.

Will keep you updated!


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Me and Mr. Cullen: So long and thanks for all the fish ff.net

Review from chapter 8:

This story is against FFN site Guidelines because it contains content that is
... deemed 'explicit'. Explicit content is only covered under an MA rating, which
is not supported by FFN.

Before posting this story, you agreed to abide by the FFN Guidelines.

You may review the Guidelines by logging in, clicking "Publish" and then
clicking "Rules/Guidelines".

It is recommended that you remove this story before it is reported. If
administration removes the story from received reports, a ban will be set in
place on your account.


Blazestripe of LawlClan

LawlClan: the original Warriors fan fiction help forum.
What's going to happen now? Well, this weekend I will be making a blog for Me and Mr. Cullen. I will also be posting it up on TWCS (The Writters Coffee Shop). To keep informed of the outcome stay tuned to my various forms:
Catastrophia OfTrinity on facebook
My fanfiction profile
Me and Mr Cullen group on facebook


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My Darkest Desire

Dark desires and deep-seated fantasies. Edward watches the one he covets the most… with another man. Anger rages and plans are acted out. Will Bella survive the night he has in store for her? GRAPHIC SCENES DEPICTED

I started this one shot about a year ago and it was shelved. I brought it back out this week and have been working on completing it. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post it or not, due to the content, but hope with a large enough warning those who cannot handle it will stay away. It is going to be dark, and disturbing to some and... it will be posted twice.

I'm a HEA writer, but this one had me on the fence. Do I do my original ending, or give into the darkness? I have decided to do both.

Stay tuned and look for the following in the next week or so:

My Darkest Desire
Me Darkest Desire: Black as Night

I want to look away, I don’t want to watch him fuck her, but I can’t. I stare as he removed her dress the remainder of the way and rids himself of his pants. They haven’t even made it into a room, stuck in the archway between the kitchen and living room.

Damn fucking whore. I’ll show her. She wants to be fucked on a hard floor, so fucking be it.

I grip the window sill, the wood splintering. I’m painfully hard, but I don’t pull my cock out. No. The only way I’m coming tonight is by her.

He strips her entirely and my whore is on display for all to see. She walks into the living room and grabs a condom from her stash in the drawer next to the couch while he drops his boxers, his dick flopping around.

He won’t get to empty inside her bareback, but I will. She won’t have a choice. She’ll take all that I give her and I’ll seal it inside.

She bends at the waist. Fucking bad girl. Dirty, dirty little slut. I’ll put you in your place.

I’m distracted by my thoughts that I don’t even have time to get angry that he is about to shove his cock into what’s mine when it’s done. She cries out, whimpering. He tells her how good she feels as he pulls out and slams back in, telling her she's a good girl.

No. She’s bad. She needs punished and I’m the one to do it.

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Me and Mr. Cullen - Edward's Home

Edwar'd home. It took a lot to find it, but this home most represents what I see in my mind.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Newest plot bunny: Me and Mr. Cullen

Why me? Why another plot bunny?!?!
Oh well. FYI, this will not being posting for a few weeks!

Average girl.

Average looks.

I don’t stick out in a crowd… except at in a gigantic casino lobby because I’m the only one reading a book instead of gambling.

It was our second day in Las Vegas, Sin City, and we were staying at the Mirage. My mom, Renee, thought it would be a great girl’s getaway seeing as my step-father Phil wasn’t interested.

I was bored out of my mind because I was waiting for Renee to come out of the casino so we could go over to the mall in the Venetian. Never before had I wished to be older. Vegas was not for the under twenty one, and at eighteen I was a few years shy of all the stuff I had little to no interest in anyway.

I wanted to visit the Secret Garden, the aquarium in Mandalay Bay, the wax museum, ride the coaster at New York New York, see the fountains at Bellagio, and go see a Cirque de sole show.

Closing my book I decided to head over to Starbuck’s for a pick me up and a chance to stretch. Checking my phone, there was a new text message. Five more minutes, she said. More like five more hours.

I was stuck in limbo. I should have just abandoned her and gone out on my own, but we were there together.

Grabbing a coffee I found a comphy chair and opened my book back up.

“Good book?” an unfamiliar voice asked when I was about a chapter in.

I blinked, looking up just in time to see a man occupy the chair next to me. A very, very handsome man. He held a coffee in one hand, his Blackberry in the other. His copper colored hair was shaggy and in contrast with the crispness of his clothing. He didn’t buy off the rack.

Shrugging my shoulders I responded nonchalantly. “It’s not bad. Passes the time well enough.”

His fingers stopped typing and he quirked his brow at me.

“You’re in Vegas and you are passing the time?” he questioned.

“My mom’s in the casino.”

“Ah, not a gambler?”

I shook my head. “No, for a few reasons.”

“Well, I’m curious now,” he said with a smile and turned his body toward me.

“I don’t see you in the casino,” I replied, deflecting. It was nice to talk with someone, but I knew when my age came out, he was out.

He smirked and I wondered if he knew how good he looked when he did that. “I play a little, but I’d rather put my money toward a bigger gamble. So, why aren’t you in there?”

I sighed. “Various reasons, including lack of funds and… I’m not allowed.”

“They kick you out? Are you the counting cards type?”

“Do I scream MIT?”

He laughed. “No, just smarter than the average bear.”

“Now, I don’t know how to take that. Either you are insulting my intelligence when you find out I do go to MIT, or flattered that you noticed I’m above average.”

“I believe I need to apologize, I did not mean to insinuate you had below average intelligence… as smarter than average is below for MIT standards.”

“Well, you’re off the hook. MIT didn’t want me.”

He smiled and shook his head. “Harvard? You seem Ivy league.”

“Too pretentious.”

“Alright, so where to you go?”

I grimaced. “Umm, I go to Eastern High School in Phoenix. Next fall I’ll go to USC.”

He stared at me stunned. “Wow, I honestly thought you were in college… over eighteen.”

“Eighteen exactly,” I said, for some reason wanting him to know I was of legal age. Who was I kidding? I was still in high school, a virgin, and was in Vegas with my mom, while he was expensive, intelligent, and obviously placating me.

“USC’s a good school. I live not too far from the campus. Expensive.”

“Yeah, I think my mom is trying to win my tuition, but knowing her luck, I’ll still be paying off student loans until I die.”

“Yeah, loans are brutal,” he replied. “Well, I need to get to a meeting.”
I attempted to smile up at him. “Yep, knew I lost you. Even though I’m eighteen, we can talk, you know?”

“You didn’t scare me away, but I have a one o’clock meeting to get too. Promise.”

“Oh,” I replied, feeling foolish.

“I forgot introductions. My name is Edward Cullen,” he said, holding out his hand.

“Bella Swan.”

There was a humming that moved up my arm when I took his hand, a vibration down to my bones.

“Good luck, Bella Swan,” he smiled, placing a light kiss on the back of my hand.

“You too. Have a fun meeting.”

Laughing, he released my hand. “Oh, these meetings are never fun. Merely necessity.”

With a wink, he left and I returned to my book and tried to forget the good looking man who I would probably never see again.

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Faded Memories

Stupid plot bunnies spawned from stupid pics on tumblr. *grumble grumble*
One Shot

Faded Memories

I stared down at the photograph in my hand. The edges were frayed and worn, the color faded. Scratches could be seen, but all of that didn’t mar what the picture represented.

A time of youthful love, carefree, before life ripped us apart. A simple time. We promised forever, he gave me a ring, and we said the vows.

I still had the ring, sitting on my finger, nestled with the band he placed there. But times were not carefree anymore. The youthful love was gone and we were faced with the harsh realities.

I miss the ‘us’ in the photo.

“Mommy,” Sarah called, pulling me from my thoughts. “Karen wants to know if I can go over to play.”

“Alright,” I agreed, knowing Karen’s was just next door, and she smiled, “but make sure you are back by seven.”

She turned to leave, but abruptly stopped to look back. “Is Daddy going to be home for dinner?” she asked, and the hope in her voice crushed my heart.

“Maybe,” I answered as best I could.

 I watched her spirits drop, and cursed him for putting that look on our daughters face.

 I sighed before picking up the phone and dialing his cell, but of course I went straight to voicemail. I opened up the keypad on the phone to type out a text.

Just seeing if you are going to be home for dinner. Sarah misses you. – Bella

I wanted to say that I missed him as well, but I honestly just didn’t know anymore. It had been so long since we’d done anything together that I felt like he was a stranger. That we were strangers. He was hardly home, always busy at the office and too busy for his family.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Conventioneers teaser chapter 3

“You should stop by the booth today, I want to show you something,” he said, bumping me with his hip and smiling.

I blushed, of fucking course, at the thought of what I might see, before bumping him back.  “Ok.”

“You are so damn cute,” he said with a grin.

I stared up at him, startled.

There was a silence between us, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Mase’s fingers walked around my exposed skin, his eyes studying my reaction. My whole body was lighting up. I could feel my cheeks heating and my breathing pick up.

“So sensitive,” he whispered in my ear and stepped closer so that his chest was to my back.

My knees buckled from his close proximity and I stumbled back into him. His arms reached out and wrapped around me, I moaned from the contact and drew in a ragged breath.

“Pet,” he groaned, nuzzling my neck.

Conventioneers: Mase's tattoos

I've had a lot of people curious of Mase's tattoo's in Conventioneers so I thought I would give you an idea as best I could.

The first pic is a manip done by SoapyMayhem and she is the best there is in manips! This one just screams Mase to me. Love it!

The other two are sorta what I envision his full sleeve to look like.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Breach teaser

Edward opened the windows and we spent the evening listening to the soothing sounds of the waves against the shore. A sound machine could never match the real sound of the waves. There was something I found so soothing, so freeing.

I awoke the next morning to hot kisses and breath on my neck, a hand on my breast, fingers in my pussy, and Edward’s cock rocking against the swell of my ass. The second he realized I was awake I was on my back and he was between my thighs, ramming his cock deep inside me.

Best morning wake-up call ever.

Edward really liked the swimsuit Kate had found.

Really liked it.

He had me partially out of it and sitting on the edge of the dresser, fucking me senseless, in minutes of having put it on.

I’d have to buy Kate a message, or a nice dinner for her find.

When we finally headed down to the beach he couldn’t take his eyes off of me and I couldn’t even describe the feeling that evoked in me.

Apparently there were others who also liked the swimsuit.

Edward didn’t like that.

His possessive side took over, his hands never leaving my body. He kissed me, hard and long, more than once to show the male beach goers just who I belonged to.

“Why don’t you just come all over me again? That worked last time,” I said, baiting him.

He smirked, squeezing my ass. “Don’t tempt me, baby.”

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bunny overload!!!

Just what have I gotten myself into?!?!

Is it procrastination on finishing up Breach? Or did my brain say 'hey, it's a new year so you need some new stories'?

Who knows?

What I do know is this:

Breach is ending at the end of February, there are only 3 chapters left then I will take a break before starting up the sequel: Reciprocity

Hate What You Do To Me will be finished in March, one chapter plus the epilogue

When Bunnies Attack.... I have no idea how much longer it will go on, but I have the next 3 chapters planned out

Conventioneers, will update every few weeks. I only see this story at about 15 chapters.

The Blackened Flame is already 36 chapters, 24 not currently posted at the moment, and I predict it ending up around 60-75

Welcome to the Cameo Hotel... I think I need to break the chapters up. They are way too long starting with June. I'm going to take a poll.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Blackened Flame

Chapter 1

I can still hear the sound of my hand colliding with your cheek. The resounding ‘smack’, even now, six years later.

Do you know they call me an ‘ice queen ’now? That I’m a bitch extraordinaire? That I take what I want from men, just as you took from me?

A part of me died that day; the day I found out I wasn’t the only one you professed to love.

Womanizing man-whore.

You didn’t see anything wrong with having three girlfriends.

I’m an independent woman now, not a puppy to follow you around.

Men follow me around now.

I spin my silky web and mercilessly trap my flies.

I’m the top marketing sales rep in my region, bringing in millions of dollars every quarter. I have a nice home, a nice car, and I’m lonely as fuck, but I think I prefer it that way.

I don’t know where you are, nor do I care. Years down the line and I have no idea what happened to the only man I ever loved.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teaser for upcoming story: Conventioneers


Year one:  In Over My Head

It was my first year working in the marketing department for the Indianapolis Convention Center and I was beyond nervous for the upcoming convention. Thus far we’d had colleges, car fanatics, Star Wars, Sci-Fi, Bridal expo, various graduations, sports, churches… the list was endless and ranged from a few dozen to tens of thousands.

The next four days I would spend all of my time helping set up, run, and then tear down the ‘Adult Toy’ convention.

I swallowed hard at the thought, my head slamming on my desk. I was so not ready.

Yes, I was scared to death of what I might see. No, I wasn’t a twenty five year old virgin, but I’d only had sex a few times, missionary style, and I didn’t own any toys or porn.

What the hell had I gotten myself into?

There was a knocking on the door and I wanted to run away. I looked up to see a really hot guy with the most hypnotic eyes I’d even seen peering into the door.

“Excuse me,” he said and I just stared at him.

I was stunned speechless as he stepped in further, the full sleeve tattoo on his arm visible, partially hidden by his t-shirt.

Fuck. His shirt; ‘I’d cum for you’.

I think I just died.  

Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Speak you moron!

“H-hi. Sorry. Can I help you?” I asked, hoping I hadn’t made myself out to be a complete idiot.

“I know sign in isn’t until tomorrow, but I’m from ‘M and M Toys’, and I was hoping to get a look at the layout of the room if possible.”

I continued to stare at him like a moron. Was there something wrong with me? I had this sudden wish he would pick me up, throw me on my desk, and fuck me senseless.

I shook my head to clear it.

“That’s ok, I’ll just check it out tomorrow then.”

Huh? I internally face palmed myself. He thought I was saying no.

“N-no, it’s ok!” I called out, halting him from turning.

“Great!” he exclaimed, beaming back at me.

He really needed to stop doing that or I was going to be a puddle of goo at his fuck hot, tattooed, pervy feet. I stood from my desk, noticing that Alice had her headphones in and hadn’t heard or seen anything.

With a sigh I walked toward the door, brushing a lock of hair from my face, and exiting after him.

“This way,” I directed, stepping in front of him and he followed, stepping up beside me.

“How many vendors have signed up?” he asked as we walked down the long corridor to the hall that would hold thousands of people in just over a days’ time.

“Umm, well, we had someone cancel today, so we are down to sixty two,” I replied, fiddling with the keys in my hand, trying to find the right one.  

“Seven more than last year, that’s good. Fifteen more than the year before.”

“So, you’ve been before?” I asked as we stopped in front of the door and I unlocked it.

“Yeah, this is our third year.”

“Well, here it is,” I announced as we entered the double doors and I moved to flip some of the lights on.

“Bigger room than last year,” he noted.

“I’ll take your word on it.”

“Yeah, you weren’t here last year, were you?”

I shook my head. “No, I just started here about eight months ago.”

“So, you’re a virgin, huh?”

“No! Wait… what?”

He laughed out loud and I could feel my face flaming.

“First time to an adult only convention?”

I pursed my lips. “Yup.”

“I’m Mase, by the way,” he said holding out his hand.


I reached out to grab his hand and felt electricity run from his hands to mine, the feeling giving me goose bumps.

“Hmm, you’re very sensitive,” he noted and pulled my arm closer to him. His fingers traced up and down my arm, the tingles following his touch. “Incredible,” he said in awe, watching intently as my skin reacted to his touch. “I’d love to do a toy study on you.”

I think my panties just disappeared in a flood.