Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Faded Memories

Stupid plot bunnies spawned from stupid pics on tumblr. *grumble grumble*
One Shot

Faded Memories

I stared down at the photograph in my hand. The edges were frayed and worn, the color faded. Scratches could be seen, but all of that didn’t mar what the picture represented.

A time of youthful love, carefree, before life ripped us apart. A simple time. We promised forever, he gave me a ring, and we said the vows.

I still had the ring, sitting on my finger, nestled with the band he placed there. But times were not carefree anymore. The youthful love was gone and we were faced with the harsh realities.

I miss the ‘us’ in the photo.

“Mommy,” Sarah called, pulling me from my thoughts. “Karen wants to know if I can go over to play.”

“Alright,” I agreed, knowing Karen’s was just next door, and she smiled, “but make sure you are back by seven.”

She turned to leave, but abruptly stopped to look back. “Is Daddy going to be home for dinner?” she asked, and the hope in her voice crushed my heart.

“Maybe,” I answered as best I could.

 I watched her spirits drop, and cursed him for putting that look on our daughters face.

 I sighed before picking up the phone and dialing his cell, but of course I went straight to voicemail. I opened up the keypad on the phone to type out a text.

Just seeing if you are going to be home for dinner. Sarah misses you. – Bella

I wanted to say that I missed him as well, but I honestly just didn’t know anymore. It had been so long since we’d done anything together that I felt like he was a stranger. That we were strangers. He was hardly home, always busy at the office and too busy for his family.

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