My Darkest Desire - Black as Night

My Darkest Desires - Black as Night

Dark desires and deep-seated fantasies. Edward watches the one he covets the most…with another man. Anger rages and plans are acted out. Will Bella survive the night he has in store for her? GRAPHIC SCENES DEPICTED

This is dark, deranged, and demented.  It contains rape. If you cannot handle it, do NOT READ!!! It's very graphic, very violent, very disturbing. You have been warned!!

Chapter 1: To Take

Two days have passed since I last saw her. She’s been avoiding me, I know it and it pisses me off. She’s excited about tonight.

A date. A mother-fucking date with the blonde asshole.

I’ve been dreading this night for days.

Now I’m staring, watching her sit next to him through the window of the restaurant.

She’s been with him for one hour and twenty-three minutes. Not that I’m counting. I’m looking at them from a cafĂ© across the street. They work their way through an appetizer, meal, and now dessert. Talking and laughing. His hand reaches out to caress her thigh before taking her hand in his. I can’t stand it; her eyes glazing, cheeks flushing. I want to slam my fist into his face for touching her in such a manner.  My jealousy rages and my cock is hard as fucking steel while my grip tightens on my glass. The glass groans under the pressure, and I imagine it is his neck.

I don’t like him touching her; it is wrong, unnatural. And I really don’t like it when she touches him, her hand working up his thigh. His eyes bulge when she reaches his cock. It’s his cue that it’s time to get out of there and signals for the waiter.

It isn’t the first time I’ve watched them together, but it’s the time I hate the most because I know she’s taking him home. I know she will let him inside her. I growl under my breath.


She is fucking mine and tonight she will know it. Know what a whore she is and how whores are meant to be treated.

I jump in my car and wait for them to exit. He helps her into the passenger seat and she fucking giggles at him. His hand presses on her lower back before caressing her ass as she slips down, her dress riding up.
I follow closely behind them as we weave through the city streets and onto the interstate, heading to her little suburban home. I know the way by heart, having been there many times.

I nearly rear end his car on purpose when I see his hand grab her head and coax it down on his lap. My grip on the steering wheel is tight enough to leave indentations of my hands by the time we reach our destination. I glare at the sight of her shoulders moving up and down as she sucks on his cock.

I fall back upon entering her neighborhood in order to avoid suspicion, pulling into the driveway and garage next to hers. From there I watch them stumble out of his car, her small fingers fumbling to find her keys and to open the door.

Once inside, I get out of my car and grab the duffle bag from my trunk before heading toward where they are inside the house. I move to a window in the back where no one will see me, but I’ll see them.
I’ve been here before.

She’s my neighbor, but she’s never really noticed me. I know she’s caught me from time to time, peering into her windows, but she’s never said anything. She started keeping her blinds open to let me watch her play with herself.

Slut. She is a fucking slut.

She’s going to be my slut.


Upon reaching the window, I don’t like the scene before my eyes. He’s wasted no time in getting down to business and  has pushed the straps of her dress down, exposing her perfect pert little breasts, nipples standing at attention. I growl, hating to see another man touch what is mine. His lips devour her skin as his hips rock into hers. He wants inside her, almost as much as I do. Cries of pleasure penetrate the glass, and I find his hand has disappeared under the hem of her garment. Her hands twist into his shirt, ripping it off him, the buttons splattering all over the floor.

I want to look away, I don’t want to watch him fuck her, but I can’t. I stare as he removes her dress the remainder of the way and rids himself of his pants. They haven’t even made it into a room, stuck in the archway between the kitchen and living room.

Damn fucking whore. I’ll show her. She wants to be fucked on a hard floor, so fucking be it.
I grip the window sill, the wood splintering. I’m painfully hard, but I don’t pull my cock out. No. The only way I’m cumming tonight is by her.

He strips her entirely and my whore is on display for all to see. She walks into the living room and grabs a condom from her stash in the drawer next to the couch while he drops his boxers, his dick flopping around.
He won’t get to empty inside her bareback, but I will. She won’t have a choice. She’ll take all that I give her and I’ll seal it inside.

She bends at the waist. Fucking bad girl wants it from behind. Dirty, dirty little slut. I’ll put you in your place.
I’m so distracted by my thoughts I don’t even have time to get angry that he is about to shove his cock into what’s mine, when it’s done. She cries out, whimpering. He tells her how good she feels as he pulls out and slams back in, telling her what a good girl she is to let him fuck her.

No. She’s bad. She needs punishing, and I’m the one to do it.

I’m furious, so fucking angry that I’m seeing red while his hips slam against her ass. Her face is contorted in pleasure, his as well. Grunts echo off the walls, and I slam my hand into the outside wall of the house when she calls out his name.


The brick bites, cutting through my skin in a few places, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t even feel it over the rage that is consuming me. She’s going to get it. Everything is ready in the car and the bag I have with me. I am finally going to fuck the whore.

I won’t be so easy on her. No. I’ve been planning and preparing. She isn’t going to avoid me tonight. She isn’t getting off that easily.

Not tonight. Tonight she is going to get me off. Over and over until I am done using her body as my cum dump.

She is going to be covered in my cum, not his, by the time morning is upon us.

Fucking slut.

My nostrils flare, muscles tense. He’s grabbing at her, thrusting harder and deeper. I can’t take much more. I want to pull him off her, off what’s mine and bash his fucking head in and cut his dick off.

What a novel idea.

The front door is unlocked, I remember, and I move around the house. There is a soft ‘click’ as the latch catches, but from their sounds, they don’t hear a thing.

My anger grows at the sight before me.

She’s smiling, teasing him, her face scrunched up in pleasure as he fucks her. His hands are all over her beautiful skin.

Red is all I see as I pull the knife from my bag and approach them. They’re both so caught up in their actions they don’t notice my presence. His head turns, eyes meeting mine before I grip his shoulder hard, pulling him off her and throwing him against the opposite wall.

I can hear her screaming as I walk toward him, but I pay no attention to the words. No, I’m zeroed in on him, the scum who touched what is mine. His eyes are wide, shifting down to the sharp metal in my hand. Before he can protest I am upon him, forcing the blade into his stomach in an upward motion, slicing through his flesh and organs.

Warm red blood pours from his wound onto my knife and down to my hand. I watch in delirious fascination as the pain rips through his eyes and life starts to fade, never again to touch my whore. Pulling my arm back, I lower my red soaked hand and slice his rapidly softening dick off, tossing it to the floor beside him.

Satisfaction covers my face when watching his limp body fall to the ground, bleeding out and gasping until there is no more breath left.

Her screams are getting louder and I turn, whipping my hand across her cheek to shut her up. I don’t want to hurt her, but the sound travels and could interrupt my plans.

She turns back to me, her hand cradling her cheek and recognition dawns.

“You…you’re my neighbor. Edward, right?” she questions, her body shaking as she crawls backward, inching away from me.

I say nothing, instead I head to my bag and get out the rope and duct tape. She whimpers behind me and as I turn she is on her feet, running toward the door. In a few quick strides I am on her, my hand knotting into her hair, yanking hard and sending her crashing to the ground.

“Fucking whore! Don’t you ever run from me!” I rage.

Tears are in her eyes, one hand rubbing her head. “Please,” she begins to beg. “Please, don’t hurt me.”
I grab one of her wrists, flipping her over on the floor and sitting on her back. She begins to scream and I pull a piece of duct tape off and place it over her mouth, his blood smearing on her face. Her fingers try to claw at it, but before she can get it off I pin her hands behind her back.

The rope is precut, and I grab one of the strands, binding her forearms together. I’ve been preparing for this for weeks. She is bucking beneath me, trying to get free, get me off her. Doesn’t she know it’s better not to struggle?

I grind my cock against her back to try and sooth her; show her I just want what they all wanted from her. It only fuels her actions, but she is weak against me. A couple more pieces and her arms are secure and tight, but not so tight as to cut her circulation off.

I turn her over, the duct tape coming off her mouth from where she’d pulled at it, tears streaming down her eyes, fear evident. I rip the tape from her mouth, replacing it with my own as I tear a new strip. Her lips taste so good, her mouth warm and inviting. Before I silence her again I find myself popping the button and lowering the zipper on my jeans.

I move up her chest, keeping her body pinned to the floor. She continues to writhe beneath me, pleading with me, eyes wide, when I pull my cock out, the tip hitting her bottom lip. She turns her head to the side, and I grab hold of her jaw, twisting her face back around as I open her mouth and guide my cock in.

“No!” she screams, her hips bucking and I lean forward and push it in further.

Her body twists under me until she is almost on her stomach.

“Fucking slut!” I yell; standing and grabbing more rope.

I pulled out the ropes for her legs. I’d been planning, practicing for weeks on how I wanted to tie her up. Just the thought of her open and confined for me has my dick crying.

She struggles against me, forcing me to sit on one of her legs while I tie her other calf and thigh together. 
Once done, she can’t walk any longer, but she still thrashes her free leg. I get it confined as well, and then all movements stop.

I have her, just as I’d imagined.

Blood, his blood from my hand, stains her beautiful skin and the ropes that bind her. I’ll have to clean that, but first I need my raging hard on to be taken care of by her wanton pussy.

My hand fists in her hair, pulling her to her knees. She’s still begging, pleading, but it doesn’t matter, she’s about to be silenced. I line the tip of my cock to her lips and push in again. Short thrusts at first; warning her not to bite. So wet and warm in my cock’s new home. I’m giddy, knowing I’ll have this every day for the rest of our lives.

I grab her jaw to keep her from thrashing her head and thrust my hips forward, my cock pushing its way down her throat. She whimpers around me and it feels so fucking good as she swallows. Her eyes are wet, tears leaking down her cheeks. She’s never looked as sexy as this; lips around my cock, cheeks flushed, and gagging as my dick chokes her.

I pull out, not releasing her head, and she draws in a deep breath, coughing.

I have no pity for her struggles. She deserves this. She asked for it. Fucking tease. I’ll show her.

“So good,” I groan as I slide back in.

I’m panting, and her luscious mouth is so close to making me cum, but it’s in her pussy that I’ll explode.

With reluctance I pull out, my tip leaking desire.

“Please,” she begs.

I smile down at her. “Begging for my cock, whore?”

Her eyes widen and she shakes her head.

“You will be. I’ll make it so you can’t live without it.”

My eyes move down, looking at her bound perfection. I need to fuck her now, before we leave this place.
I walk around her, my hand pressing on her back to lean forward. She tips to the ground, her face against the hardwood floors, ass in the air. She’s spread out for me to see – everything. Legs spread open. I’m shaking with euphoria as I look down on my prize.

Finally, I’m going to have her.

I fall to my knees behind her, gripping her ass as I groan in anticipation.

Finally, she’s going to make me cum. I’m going to fill her with every last drop I have within me.
I take my cock in hand, rubbing it in her folds. The heat coming off her is intense, drawing me in. I push forward, half my length sheathed in her. It takes so much not to cum, it’s that intense. My body shudders, fingers dig into her ass, and my eyes flutter, threatening to close.

I pull out, groaning, before slamming back in.

I never dreamed it would be so good. So fucking perfect. She will always be mine.

The pace picks up, one hand pushing down on her back as I thrust my full length into her. My cock has never felt so good, so satisfied.

I pull back hard on her hair, her screams bouncing off the walls. Glorious fucking music to my ears.
I thrust into her with wild abandon, a mad man on a mission, driven by my lust. With each stroke I go higher, her walls clinging to me, pulling me in.

I try and hold out, but my balls tighten and rise. A few more thrusts and I’m done.
I tell her, and she’s screaming “no”, but soon I’ll have her begging for it. I can’t wait until my cum fills her belly, making a baby.

My muscles coil tight, a death grip forms on her ass, and I scream out as a ripple of white hot pleasure spikes through my body like liquid fire. My body jerks, the first spurt releases, and I slam my hips to hers, emptying as deep as I can into her.

I slump against her, my body giving way as hard breaths fall against her back.

My brain is empty as my body calms, nothing but the feeling of her do I notice. After a few minutes I push off her, my eyes glued to where we’re connected as I slowly pull out.

Her pink pussy is now red from the thorough fucking, little white droplets seeping out of her. I can’t have that.

I grab the duct tape and tear a piece off, slapping in over her opening, and sealing my cum inside.

I smile, knowing I’ve marked her, filled her with me, my essence. I can’t wait until we get to our new home so I can do it again.

My hands grab her face, crashing my lips to hers. She tastes so good, even with the salty tears. There won’t 
be more of those soon.

I tear off another piece of tape and cover her mouth. Can’t have her screaming, calling people to us.
I run up to her bedroom and locate a suitcase. I fill it with clothes and toiletries; things she’ll need.
My girl is tired when I get back down the stairs, her eyes are hardly open. I wore her out.
She’ll build up stamina soon enough, and will be able to go multiple rounds with me.

I can’t fucking wait.

I hate to put her in the trunk of her car, but I can’t have anyone seeing us yet. She’s crying and screaming, but it’s muffled by the tape. My hand runs through her hair, trying to calm her. I tell her it’s okay and not a long journey. To make it more comfortable for her, I move her bound hands from behind her to in front.
I pass by the corpse of her boy toy, happy to see he hasn’t moved, and load her suitcase and my bag into the back seat. Before I close the lid to the trunk, I place a kiss on her head.

“We’ll be to our new home soon.”

I pull out of the garage, and make my way down the street. Our neighbors none the wiser.

My cabin is about three hours away, far away from civilization where we’ll be left in peace. About an hour in I see cop lights spin in the rear view mirror and curse under my breath.

I pull over, slipping a knife from my bag and moving it beneath my arm. The cop walks with slow steps toward the car, and I notice him looking at one of the tail lights for a beat too long.

Looks like my whore needs punishing again.

Trying to get me in trouble angers me.

“Can I help you officer?” I ask as soon as he’s at the window.

“Sir, I’m going to need you to step out of the car.”

My hand tightens on the blade handle as I open the door and step out.

His hand is resting on his gun, but I step forward, thrusting the knife into his chest cavity before he can even move. His eyes are full of surprise, mouth gaping open, his hand unable to move. Blood begins pouring out of him as I push the blade further up into him.

He grips my shoulder as his knees give out, falling to the ground, my knife slipping out.

I’m angry as I open the trunk. Her eyes are wide in surprise, and upon seeing me, fear. I pull her out, dropping her on the ground in front of the body bleeding out on the highway.

“Look. Look!” I scream, gripping her hair and forcing her head toward him. “You made me do that. He had a wife and kids. Now his family is without him and it’s all your fault. Make no mistake, Bella, this will happen to each and every person you try and contact. If you try and run from me, I will hunt you down and find you. Then I will punish you. You are mine. Mine to do with as I see fit.”

To make a point I free the erection that seeing her naked body causes, and position her up on her knees. I pull the tape off that is covering her pussy, making her scream. My hips thrust forward, burying my cock in her, forcing her head down onto the bleeding chest below her.

It’s rough and hard, the rocks on the road breaking the skin of her knees. I’ll tend to it when we get home, but for now I need to cum. Show her who she belongs too.

She’s sobbing, blood from the cop covering her face as I pound into her.

Fuck, she feels good.

Time is of the essence, so I don’t hold back, cumming hard and fast.

I button my pants back up, reapply her duct tape, then place her back in the trunk.

In less than ten minutes we’re back on the dark night road. In two hours we’ll be tucked away.

She’ll be mine forever. My deepest, blackest desire.


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