Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Darkest Desire

Dark desires and deep-seated fantasies. Edward watches the one he covets the most… with another man. Anger rages and plans are acted out. Will Bella survive the night he has in store for her? GRAPHIC SCENES DEPICTED

I started this one shot about a year ago and it was shelved. I brought it back out this week and have been working on completing it. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post it or not, due to the content, but hope with a large enough warning those who cannot handle it will stay away. It is going to be dark, and disturbing to some and... it will be posted twice.

I'm a HEA writer, but this one had me on the fence. Do I do my original ending, or give into the darkness? I have decided to do both.

Stay tuned and look for the following in the next week or so:

My Darkest Desire
Me Darkest Desire: Black as Night

I want to look away, I don’t want to watch him fuck her, but I can’t. I stare as he removed her dress the remainder of the way and rids himself of his pants. They haven’t even made it into a room, stuck in the archway between the kitchen and living room.

Damn fucking whore. I’ll show her. She wants to be fucked on a hard floor, so fucking be it.

I grip the window sill, the wood splintering. I’m painfully hard, but I don’t pull my cock out. No. The only way I’m coming tonight is by her.

He strips her entirely and my whore is on display for all to see. She walks into the living room and grabs a condom from her stash in the drawer next to the couch while he drops his boxers, his dick flopping around.

He won’t get to empty inside her bareback, but I will. She won’t have a choice. She’ll take all that I give her and I’ll seal it inside.

She bends at the waist. Fucking bad girl. Dirty, dirty little slut. I’ll put you in your place.

I’m distracted by my thoughts that I don’t even have time to get angry that he is about to shove his cock into what’s mine when it’s done. She cries out, whimpering. He tells her how good she feels as he pulls out and slams back in, telling her she's a good girl.

No. She’s bad. She needs punished and I’m the one to do it.


  1. Is it wrong that this sounds really hot to me?

  2. are you goin to add a link to this story and Me and Mr. Cullen? if not please do!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It sounds really good

  4. Wishing to read the rest

  5. Cat, have you published this on your blog or FF? I've been following you for some time (love everything you do, iespecially tumbler, your my porn pimp ;-), and haven't seen this. Sounds great, as everything you do..

  6. Hope you still plan to post this. It sounds very intriguing! Can't wait to see where you go with it.