Saturday, June 2, 2012

Me and Mr. Cullen: So long and thanks for all the fish

Review from chapter 8:

This story is against FFN site Guidelines because it contains content that is
... deemed 'explicit'. Explicit content is only covered under an MA rating, which
is not supported by FFN.

Before posting this story, you agreed to abide by the FFN Guidelines.

You may review the Guidelines by logging in, clicking "Publish" and then
clicking "Rules/Guidelines".

It is recommended that you remove this story before it is reported. If
administration removes the story from received reports, a ban will be set in
place on your account.


Blazestripe of LawlClan

LawlClan: the original Warriors fan fiction help forum.
What's going to happen now? Well, this weekend I will be making a blog for Me and Mr. Cullen. I will also be posting it up on TWCS (The Writters Coffee Shop). To keep informed of the outcome stay tuned to my various forms:
Catastrophia OfTrinity on facebook
My fanfiction profile
Me and Mr Cullen group on facebook



  1. So will you be posting the story in tour blog now? Hope so! Such a great story its insane that it got pulled, I mean what could they possibly have objected too????? Ffnet is so annoying these days. Sorry it got pulled.

  2. Hey Cat,
    thanks for writing your awesome stories. I`m really sorry for you. But I`m glad you will continue and do not let yourself allure from the shit is doing. What is about your other stories? Will they be pulled to? Is that the reason why some stories on just disappeared?
    Keep it up! Keep a stiff upper lip =)

  3. omg this is ridiculous!
    you are the third author that this happens, these kids are fucking with ff!
    fuck them! seriously if they don't want to read certain stories, don't do it, but don't ruin this for others!
    i'm so sorry this happened to you Cat, you're an amazing writter!
    so now you're going to post your stories in TWCS?

  4. I love you story and im so sorry that this had happend! You are an awesome writer and i hope that it wont be long until you can start posting on another site.

  5. This sucks...I'm so sorry this is happening!! You are an amazing writer and don't deserve this!! I really want to keep up with all your stories so please keep us informed on where we can read them!!!

  6. I love Me and Mr. Cullen, please find it a home and continue to write it out. I've joined both your blog and sent you a Facebook request; keep me updated on this story! Best of luck.
    PS- so disappointed with FF.

  7. Damn kids. Will you post to your blog too so I can sign up for updates? I really don't want to go to yet another site where it could be pulled for misuse of commas or some bullsh!t.

  8. Whoops. Please disregard above comment. I just re-read your note about starting the blog. Off to get coffee now so I can wake up.

  9. you should create a wordpress account and publish Mr and Mrs Cullen on it. They are attacking all story that aren't PG-13

  10. I'm so pissed with FF! What the h*ll is their problem? I LOVE Me and Mr. Cullen. I will follow you wherever you end up. Will sign up for twitter alerts and here.....

    Thanks, bb, and good luck!

  11. I don't understand why FF is allowing this to continue and so many authors are leaving their site. I guess you can say it's their loss.

  12. The kids should get kicked off for reading stories that are M as they should be atleast 16 based on the rating guid on bah they suck!! If these kids do not like it do not read it and where are there parents as they sould not even be reading M rated stories. bah. There is nothing going on in your storie that is not worse in most pg13 moives. I remeber when I was 17 and could not go to an R rated moive (wich was not bad just some violence) and ended up having to see a realy bad (major sex and nudity ended up walking out) rating and people judgement are open to interpratation if you do not like don't read or watch. If they find this materal so bad then why are they reading it in the first place.... makes me wonder if they like reading things they sould not and are enviouse of your talent.
    Glad your still posting will follow on TWCS.

  13. GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR!!! Yes I just growled!! Why is Fan Fic letting 13 year olds decide what is acceptable for everyone else to read. WHY not instead add a NC-17 rating... OH I know that would be to easy, and and wouldnt piss off enough people. There is a group that I have joined that is boycotting FF next friday and saturday!!

    I will be looking for Me and Mr Culllen. I really like this story. Maybe a teaser, just to keep us going till it is posted on TWCS?? Please!

  14. sorry, the fanfiction NAZI's found you. we will follow you anywhere, just keep us informed.

  15. ah frelling hell...I shall track it down at TWCS :)

  16. It's appalling that Ffn are bowing to a bunch of bullying teenagers, who are reading fiction that is already classified for people older than them. As a fellow writer on Ffn and a lover of your work, it's a shame that they react to this kind of behaviour yet ignore the many writers who have contributed to Ffn having such high readership in the first place. The way things are going, all they will be left with is a teen audience writing lovely frilly stories about rainbows and butterflies with no appreciation for the complexities of real life.
    Lou xxx