Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Breach teaser

Edward opened the windows and we spent the evening listening to the soothing sounds of the waves against the shore. A sound machine could never match the real sound of the waves. There was something I found so soothing, so freeing.

I awoke the next morning to hot kisses and breath on my neck, a hand on my breast, fingers in my pussy, and Edward’s cock rocking against the swell of my ass. The second he realized I was awake I was on my back and he was between my thighs, ramming his cock deep inside me.

Best morning wake-up call ever.

Edward really liked the swimsuit Kate had found.

Really liked it.

He had me partially out of it and sitting on the edge of the dresser, fucking me senseless, in minutes of having put it on.

I’d have to buy Kate a message, or a nice dinner for her find.

When we finally headed down to the beach he couldn’t take his eyes off of me and I couldn’t even describe the feeling that evoked in me.

Apparently there were others who also liked the swimsuit.

Edward didn’t like that.

His possessive side took over, his hands never leaving my body. He kissed me, hard and long, more than once to show the male beach goers just who I belonged to.

“Why don’t you just come all over me again? That worked last time,” I said, baiting him.

He smirked, squeezing my ass. “Don’t tempt me, baby.”

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