Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teaser for upcoming story: Conventioneers


Year one:  In Over My Head

It was my first year working in the marketing department for the Indianapolis Convention Center and I was beyond nervous for the upcoming convention. Thus far we’d had colleges, car fanatics, Star Wars, Sci-Fi, Bridal expo, various graduations, sports, churches… the list was endless and ranged from a few dozen to tens of thousands.

The next four days I would spend all of my time helping set up, run, and then tear down the ‘Adult Toy’ convention.

I swallowed hard at the thought, my head slamming on my desk. I was so not ready.

Yes, I was scared to death of what I might see. No, I wasn’t a twenty five year old virgin, but I’d only had sex a few times, missionary style, and I didn’t own any toys or porn.

What the hell had I gotten myself into?

There was a knocking on the door and I wanted to run away. I looked up to see a really hot guy with the most hypnotic eyes I’d even seen peering into the door.

“Excuse me,” he said and I just stared at him.

I was stunned speechless as he stepped in further, the full sleeve tattoo on his arm visible, partially hidden by his t-shirt.

Fuck. His shirt; ‘I’d cum for you’.

I think I just died.  

Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Speak you moron!

“H-hi. Sorry. Can I help you?” I asked, hoping I hadn’t made myself out to be a complete idiot.

“I know sign in isn’t until tomorrow, but I’m from ‘M and M Toys’, and I was hoping to get a look at the layout of the room if possible.”

I continued to stare at him like a moron. Was there something wrong with me? I had this sudden wish he would pick me up, throw me on my desk, and fuck me senseless.

I shook my head to clear it.

“That’s ok, I’ll just check it out tomorrow then.”

Huh? I internally face palmed myself. He thought I was saying no.

“N-no, it’s ok!” I called out, halting him from turning.

“Great!” he exclaimed, beaming back at me.

He really needed to stop doing that or I was going to be a puddle of goo at his fuck hot, tattooed, pervy feet. I stood from my desk, noticing that Alice had her headphones in and hadn’t heard or seen anything.

With a sigh I walked toward the door, brushing a lock of hair from my face, and exiting after him.

“This way,” I directed, stepping in front of him and he followed, stepping up beside me.

“How many vendors have signed up?” he asked as we walked down the long corridor to the hall that would hold thousands of people in just over a days’ time.

“Umm, well, we had someone cancel today, so we are down to sixty two,” I replied, fiddling with the keys in my hand, trying to find the right one.  

“Seven more than last year, that’s good. Fifteen more than the year before.”

“So, you’ve been before?” I asked as we stopped in front of the door and I unlocked it.

“Yeah, this is our third year.”

“Well, here it is,” I announced as we entered the double doors and I moved to flip some of the lights on.

“Bigger room than last year,” he noted.

“I’ll take your word on it.”

“Yeah, you weren’t here last year, were you?”

I shook my head. “No, I just started here about eight months ago.”

“So, you’re a virgin, huh?”

“No! Wait… what?”

He laughed out loud and I could feel my face flaming.

“First time to an adult only convention?”

I pursed my lips. “Yup.”

“I’m Mase, by the way,” he said holding out his hand.


I reached out to grab his hand and felt electricity run from his hands to mine, the feeling giving me goose bumps.

“Hmm, you’re very sensitive,” he noted and pulled my arm closer to him. His fingers traced up and down my arm, the tingles following his touch. “Incredible,” he said in awe, watching intently as my skin reacted to his touch. “I’d love to do a toy study on you.”

I think my panties just disappeared in a flood.


  1. LOL When are you going to start posting this?? It's great!

  2. Oh man woman..Your definitely trying to kill me, or melt me into a pile of goo! I can't wait!!!!

  3. OH - MY - GOD.......... I got tingles just reading that!! I can't wait for this to come out!!

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