Sunday, October 7, 2012

Teaser Conventioneers Ch 4

“Wake up, Bella,” Alice called from across the room.

“Why?” I questioned, sighing as I scrolled down the hall layout for the coming weekend convention.

“Because, the sci-fi convention is this weekend and we have a shitton to do and you need to stop thinking about a certain conventioneer. It’s been two months!”

“He just left me with a toy, a kiss, and a promise to see me next year. If he was interested he would have asked for a way to contact me, wouldn’t he?” I questioned and looked to find Alice staring at me. Yeah, I know I’d been talking about him, a lot, but I just couldn’t get over him.

“Oh, my God, I am getting you laid. I don’t know how. Jazz has a couple of friends, maybe…”

“No, Alice, I’ve tried. If it isn’t Mase, I don’t want him.”

“Have you tried contacting him?”

“How am I supposed to do that? I don’t even know his full name!”

Alice rolled her eyes and sighed before leaning on my desk. “Bella, the man runs a sex toy company that does most of his business off the web. You can start with Facebook, then look at the file to get a company number if that doesn’t work, or just do a search! The internet is your friend.”

With that she left and headed to look at how the set up was going in the main hall and I was left with the seeds she planted. I stared at the computer before biting the bullet and opening up my work Facebook. Thankfully we did a lot of marketing on there, and we had profiles connected to the convention center. It was a great networking tool, and helped to get information about upcoming conventions around.

At the top I plopped in M and M Toys, the cursor wavering over the search button before clicking. It wasn’t really stalking, right? I took a deep breath and in a blink of an eye there he was staring back at me, Em standing next to him.

“M and M Toys, makers of fine silicone adult toys and accessories since 2007.”

Fuck. My memory did no justice of how hot Mase was. The picture was a few years old. His interesting bronze hair was pulled up into a short Mohawk, and he was missing his sleeve tattoo. He also was sporting a lip ring at the time. He was smirking, and even on a computer screen it made me squirm.


  1. Really excited to read more of Conventioneers =)
    Do you always extend the chapters?

  2. I'm just about ready to stomp my foot here... when is this little beauty being posted