Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Teaser - Conventioneers

I still don't know when it will update, but a teaser was requested, so here you go!!

“How’s the toy I left you doing?” he whispered in my ear, smirking.

I could feel the flush begin and turned to face him, my eyes wide and I smiled so big I probably looked insane.

“I… I broke it,” I admitted, my head hanging in shame.

“How did you break it?” he asked, but his voice wasn’t mad, more playful.

My face burned, and was probably bright red. He smirked. “Umm, over use?”

“Well…I suppose that is the best death for a toy,” he said, his voice a little lower than before.

“It was probably user error and not a reflection on your product. I bought two others and they still do a great job.”

He groaned and leaned down to my ear again. “Bella, stop. Please.”

“But, I…”

He cut me off, placing his hand over my mouth.

“Stop, please, before I do something in front of all these people. With you, my control is always on edge. And a year of wanting I’m too tightly coiled for our usual banter.”

I licked my lips, knowing exactly what he was talking about. I want to kiss him, but knew it wouldn’t stop at that.


  1. SQUEEEEEEEE ! Does that mean the year of waiting is over. Thank goodness. You KNOW how I feel about Mase. *shivers uncontrollably*

  2. Oh, who cares when you actually post this chapter. The teasers keep was holding on. LOL BTW, will "Breach" be published soonish? I loved the FF story, and cannot wait to read the OF version.

  3. **whimpers** I can't wait for them to "reconnect" or should I say "connect"! Mmmmmmmm!