Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Darkest Desire - Gone, baby, gone

Just received this message from ff -


Title: "My Darkest Desire - Black as Night"
Summary: "Dark desires and deep-seated fantasies. Edward watches the one he
covets the most…with another man. Anger rages and plans are acted out. Will
Bella survive the night he has in store for her? GRAPHIC SCENES DEPICTED"
Rating: "Rated: M"
Storyid: 8978834

Main reason for removal: "Rating: explicit content or adult content above
current rating"

The above story has been removed because it violated the guideline detailed on
the upload page.

FanFiction.Net has a set of guidelines for the uploading of stories and

Sucks, but I figured it would happen.

So, Psychoward fans, looks like you'll have to read on TWCS. :(


  1. I don't understand how they figure these "pullings" I really don't. Compared to some that are still up . So I'll be looking for your stories on TWCS.

  2. Typical of FF. Bloody inconsistent twerps!!!

    Can't you put in a blog? I hate trying to find authors and stories on TWCS.

    1. Just did! You can follow it here. I'm thinking of making a new one for Black as Night since I'm continuing it.