Saturday, July 2, 2011

Teaser chapter 12

“Oh, my God. Could you quit flaunting your tits around? I’m getting so sick of looking at yours I can hardly stand to look at my own! And, by the way, if he hasn’t taken the bait yet, he isn’t going to!” Kate exclaimed, attempting to get the point across to two B.S. members, Tanya and Bree.
I was having a very difficult time not spitting out my coffee. In fact it was in my mouth and I was attempting to swallow it, but all I wanted to do was laugh. That would have resulted in coffee all over my desk and files and there was nothing worse than coffee stained documents.
A chanced a glance over at Edward who was also attempting not to laugh, his hand covering his mouth, concealing his upturned lips. His eyes betrayed him, laugh lines crinkling in the corners.
Laugh lines.
I wanted to see those more often.
It was short lived when Emmett’s booming voice rang out around the walls.
“Morning!” he greeted with a huge grin accentuating his dimples.
He and Edward exchanged a brief glare before turning back to me and smiling. The ‘boob squad’ thankfully took that as their cue to leave.
“Hey, Bells, guess who I ran into last night?” he asked, plopping down on the chair in the corner of our office.
“Who?” I questioned, curious as to who we both knew that he would run into.
“Carmen,” he stated.

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