Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Breach Teaser Chaper 19

“Wait!” I called out to his retreating form, my hand unconsciously reaching out to him. I couldn’t stand to watch him walk away from me again. “Please,” I said in a whisper. “Don’t leave me.”
He stopped in his tracks and turned toward me, his expression hopeful and frightened at the same time.
“I’m just going next door, Honeybear, and sleep in your guest room. I’ll leave the door open so all you have to do is call for me, ok?”
I could feel the tears start to fill my eyes, my bottom lip quivering. I hurt, I was tired, and he was leaving.
I watched as panic rose in his features upon noticing my distress. “Oh, no, please don’t cry. I’m right here, baby, I’m right here,” he reassured me, his hand reaching out to stroke my hair.
I wasn’t ready to forgive him and I wasn’t ready to let him back in, but I couldn’t stand to not be near him and the other room was too far.

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