Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hey all!!!
*pssst! Cat! Isn't your wedding in 3 days?*
yup. 60 hours, to be exact.
*what are you doing on here?*
Telling everyone about my one shot, Watching You!
*wtf are you doing writing?*
umm.... stress relief?
*quirks eyebrow*
Seriously!! It's like when I turned my brain off of Breach for a few days all of this stuff started flooding in!! I even have a six chapter story I'm working on!
*You are crazy*
-hangs head- yeah....
*but it's ok, you got an awesome review on Twi Girls Next Door.*
-smiles- I keep reading it over and over and over.... I'm weird, I know.... oh, and the person who pointed out I'd spelled wanton as wonton.... it's like the 'I am fuzzy' picture. I laugh EVERY time I think about it!
*yup, Cat's headed to the nut house*
So... to end... read Watching You, be on the lookout for a short story, Bunnies is in the works... sorta, and Breach will be back in a few weeks.


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