Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Teaser chapter 20

We spent all of Saturday and Sunday in my bed watching a myriad of movies Edward had picked up. I swear he bought fifty movies to keep me occupied. He also brought over a deck of cards, a couple of board games, and a wii with about twenty games. He insisted the wii was to help with therapy. I didn’t buy his reasoning, but was happy to have something fun to do while bed ridden.

Alice stopped by on Saturday to drop off some homemade enchiladas and played a game of scrabble with us. I lost focus about halfway and ending up napping through the remainder. Alice won, though Edward was not fully convinced she played fair.

She also did not play fair during a game of Mario Cart, as I was awoken by name calling and elbow jabbing. She did make really good enchiladas though.

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  1. Oh Cat...you could have taken a few more days to absorb wedding bliss.