Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Me and Mr. Cullen: Teaser chapter 17

“Tell her you’re sorry,” Edward chastised the hulk of a man in front of me.

“I’m sorry,” he said sincerely with a bit of a pout.

“It’s alright, just don’t do that to people you don’t know.”

He looked down to the floor, thoroughly chastised.

“Emmett McCartey,” he said, holding out his hand.

Tentitively, I placed my hand in his. “Bella Cullen.”

“Damn, Edward, I didn’t know you had such a fine little sister,” he said ginning down at me and winking.

I could hear Jasper snicker and Edward looked like he was about to explode.

“Cullen is my married name,” I pointed out.

“Married? Wait, when did Carlisle leave Esme? I’ll kick his ass!”

Jasper was now gasping for breath, his laughter filling the room.

“Not Carlisle. She’s my wife,” Edward growled, his jaw tense.

“Shut up. Is it April fools day? Fucker you did not get married. Stop fucking with me.”

Jasper was now on his knees, gripping the counter ledge. 

“Damn, man, you practically lived in my house when we were kids. How the hell did you come up with sister?” Edward questioned exasperated.

“Well, if she was related to you that would mean I might have a shot,” he explained with a grin.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Me and Mr. Cullen: Teaser Chapter 15

His hand came down again, this time slapping hard against my aching pussy, the tip of his middle finger tapping my clit. The sharp sting on my nub making me gasp and I moaned out, my body arching.

“You like that, baby girl?” he inquired devilishly. I looked back at him, shaking my ass, asking for him to do it again. His finger slid down the crack of my ass, dipping slightly into my slit, but stopping just short of my clit. “I asked you a question, you will answer me.”

He had me panting with that one sentence. So much domination in his tone, and I was loving this game.

“Yes,” I hissed and was rewarded with another slap to my pussy, another tap to my clit.

Monday, June 4, 2012


AO3, which stands for Archive of our own. I received my invitaion from a reader today and am trying to get in, but the site is a little over loaded at the moment. There is a long waiting list, but if you can find someone who is a member they can get an invite. Try on twitter, or there are a lot of people on Facebook. You can still read and anon review without being a member until you receive your token.

I'm excited about this site, becuase I keep reading really good things about it.

Me and Mr. Cullen

Well, hasn't ripped it down yet, though they have ripped down a friend of mines that has no explicit content. SMH. This whole thing is a dissaster!

Anyway, to update, the Me and Mr. Cullen blog is now up and rolling. I only have a few chapters uploaded, but I have added a bunch of pics:

I am also waiting for my invite from AO3 to come through. A lovely person sent me one, but it hasn't come through. Honestly, from the sound of it, this AO3 is going to be the best place for everyone to eventually go. From what I've heard it is a really great site. It has a few problems as it is still in beta, and invites are a little hard to come by at the moment.

TWCS, on the other hand, is a bit difficult and I've had multiple people give negatives of the site.  Including no mobile edition and does not work with IE (a problem I have).

I'm going to post on both, and after a while take a vote to either keep just one or both. These two sites seem to be the best options at this point. Other sites such as Twilighted take way too long to load a chapter due to the validation process. has a terrible search process.

Will keep you updated!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Me and Mr. Cullen: So long and thanks for all the fish

Review from chapter 8:

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... deemed 'explicit'. Explicit content is only covered under an MA rating, which
is not supported by FFN.

Before posting this story, you agreed to abide by the FFN Guidelines.

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clicking "Rules/Guidelines".

It is recommended that you remove this story before it is reported. If
administration removes the story from received reports, a ban will be set in
place on your account.


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