Sunday, November 6, 2011

Breach Teaser Chapter 22

Yes, I know 21 isn't out yet. But there is no sexy scenes, so I wanted to tease with goodies to come.

It was a few days later that Edward went off to make dinner and I was free to take a shower by myself. Showers had been difficult for both of us lately, though Edward’s arousal was much more noticeable than my own. It was torture to watch his cock salute me, innocently brushing against my skin leaving a trail of fire that settled between my thighs. He begged me not to mind, but all I wanted to do was lean forward and take him into my mouth.

I was thankfully getting ever closer to getting rid of my cast. I was tired of donning the blue rubber boot to shower and not being able to walk on it.

Once I was ready I stepped into the shower with the help of the dozen or so handles Edward had added. The water felt good against my skin and I could feel my body relaxing. My hands ran over my body spreading the water around. My fingers brushed over my nipples and I felt the tingles move down my body.

Thoughts of Edward in the shower, his cock at full attention, filled my mind. My hand unconsciously slid down and teased my clit, my fingers sliding against my slit.

“Taste me,” he begged.

I could imagine wrapping my lips around his head, his fingers tangling in my hair.

“Feels so fucking good. I’ve missed my little cock slut. So good at sucking me off.”

His hips thrust forward, pushing his hard cock down my throat. I imagined my fingers were his and began pushing them into my pussy.

“So fucking tight. Going to feel so fucking good wrapped around my cock. You’d like me to fuck this tight little pussy, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, please!” I begged my vision.